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What are we all about?

Buffalo County Community Partners, is a county-wide effort located in central Nebraska. Buffalo County Community Partners was one of the first projects of its kind in Nebraska. Community Partners has data assessments or surveys done each year to monitor the health status of the community. They take the results and share them with the community. Community members create coalitions to address the problems and unite resource to create change.


What are we trying to do?

Our mission is to assess, promote, and strengthen the health of Buffalo County.

Our vision is that everyone from all corners of Buffalo County work together to improve the quality of life of those who live in and work in this community.


Buffalo County 2020

In 2011, Community Partners focused its efforts in developing the current 5 Strategic Directions for the 2020 Vision: Active Living & Healthy Eating, Eliminate Health Disparities, High Impact Prevention Services, Healthy Homes & Sustainable Communities, and Injury-Free Living. Community Partners emphasizes the need to ELEVATE health issues in Buffalo County, ENGAGE Buffalo County residents in accountability to health, EMPOWER residents in creating positive change in their communities, and EVALUATE progress toward building a healthier Buffalo County.

Annual reports to the community

Community Collaboration Ensuring Food Security

Hot Meals USA has provided a free hot lunch to Buffalo County residents during the Covid-19 pandemic; they are serving 1500 meals daily. Hot Meals...

Youth Advisory Board In Action

YAB in Action! Our Youth Advisory Board is out spreading good in our community. Thank you so much YAB for reaching out and volunteering in the...

Farmers Market Opening

The Be Well Collaboration is promoting the opening of the Kearney Area Farmers Market. May 23, they will be opening using recommend COVID-19...

HealthyMINDS Virtual Gathering Recap

The HealthyMINDS Collaborative hosted a Virtual Community Gathering on May 16 it featured community experts in various fields who talked about...

Videos Sobre Preguntas Frecuentes

La coalición de atención médica de los socios comunitarios del condado de Buffalo y el grupo de Conectores Comunitarios Bilingües se unieron para...

Protein Food Drive

Food Insecurity in Central Nebraska  Lack of protein and dry goods has been identified as a significant food insecurity in Buffalo County and...

Conectores Comunitarios Bilingües

Lea y conozca las diferentes agencias que pueden ayudar a los residentes de bajos ingresos, sin seguro y / o para los que solo hablan español...

Últimas Noticias y Ayuda Comunitaria

4.23.20-La Navegadora Central para el equipo de Respuesta Comunitaria del Condado de Buffalo demostró el Formulario del Fondo de Flexión de la...

HealthyMINDS hosting mental health live event

The HealthyMINDS Collaborative mental health work group is hosting a live event on May 2 at 10-11:30 a.m. via the Buffalo County Community Partners...


Frequently Asked Questions to Support Non-English-Speaking Central Nebraskans What should I do when I feel ill? You have probably heard people talk...

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