Audit Report

In 1996, when Buffalo County Community Partners was initiated as a virtual organization*, they contracted with a fiscal agent, Kearney Area Community Foundation, to provide financial oversight. Each year, they conducted a financial review by a local CPA. In 2007, Buffalo County Community Partners’ board took the necessary steps to grow the organization from a virtual organization to an IRS 501(c)(3) designated non-profit. Since 2007, Buffalo County Community Partners has conducted annual audits. If you have any questions, contact Executive Director Denise Zwiener at 308-865-2280 or by email.

*A virtual organization has operating by-laws and is recognized by the state a non-profit organization, but has not pursued steps to become an IRS designated 501(c)(3).

The board of directors is dedicated to our community by placing auditing controls that ensure a financially transparent organization. In order to accomplish this, the board contracts annual audits through Request for Proposals (RFP) every three years. The board reviews and approves recommendations of monthly accounts payable and accounts receivable financial statements from the board-appointed Resource Committee. The Resource Committee provides oversight of dual controls of Buffalo County Community Partners’ staff. The board of directors adds an additional layer of accountability by securing the services of a third-party bookkeeper.

Buffalo County Community Partners’ annual audit report is a comprehensive review of our activities throughout the preceding year. Annual audit reports are intended to provide transparency and give interested persons information about Community Partners’ activities and financial performance. 

2023 Audit Report

2022 Audit Report 

2021 Audit Report 

2020 Audit Report



IRS Form 990

In addition to the annual audit, Buffalo County Community Partners files the required IRS Form 990, which is an annual IRS return that federally tax-exempt organizations must complete following each fiscal year. It provides information on the organization’s mission, programs, and finances.

2023 IRS Form 990

2022 IRS Form 990

2021 IRS Form 990 

2020 IRS Form 990




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