1. Who we are

Buffalo County Community Partners, a non-profit organization based in Kearney, NE. Formed in 1996 by a group of 25 community stakeholders interested in building a healthier buffalo county.

Community Partners identifies issues impacting community’s well-being and addresses those issues by collecting and evaluating data and facilitating conversations among interested parties and community members. We build connections and gather the collective experience, so innovative solutions can be implemented. We are uniquely positioned to do this work because we can devote the time needed, have access to the essential resources and have the experience to achieve a solution.

We have a rich history of success in reducing youth alcohol use, empowering youth, and coordinating resources in the community.

Our Mission: Building connections among community members who share the passion to measure, promote, and strengthen well-being in Buffalo County.

Our Elevator Speech: We identify issues in our community. We collect and evaluate data and invest the time to understand the issue. We facilitate community conversations to find innovative solutions. We connect people to essential resources.

2. Copywrite

While Buffalo County Community Health Partners is our official name, we do business as “Buffalo County Community Partners”, and that is how you should refer to us.

On second reference, the shorter “Community Partners” is acceptable. Please avoid, using the acronyms “BCCP” or “BCCHP” are not to be used to avoid confusion.

The website is listed simply as “bcchp.org”.

3. Logo Guidelines

The Community Partners logos can be found at bcchp.org/branding/. Staff may also find them in Z:/Logos. The full color should be used if appropriate.

Below are acceptable forms of the logo:

Rules for using the logo:

  1. A logo must be included on all materials created with Buffalo County Community Partners’ resources, whether those materials are for public or private display. The easiest way to meet this requirement is by adding the logo to your document’s header or printing it on Community Partners letterhead template.
  2. The logo may not be altered in any way without prior approval from the executive director or marketing coordinator. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. adding text or symbols
    2. adding effects such as drop shadows, outer glow, beveling, etc.
    3. changing the logo’s colors
    4. altering the layout of the logo
    5. cropping the logo

If you have any questions, contact staff@bcchp.org.

  1. If the logo must be resized, the size must be changed proportionally so the image is not stretched or skewed (this is usually done by holding the SHIFT key while resizing). The logo is not to be made so small that the words are not legible. On printed materials the logo should be at least one inch tall.

Our logo’s colors are:



How to use our logos color codes:

When using our logos specific color codes, please ensure you are using the correct color code for the purpose in which you are using it. Colors are rendered differently depending on the platform they are being presented on, so to ensure you are getting our logo to appear correctly, refer to the information below.

  • RGB and HEX color codes are to be used when creating anything displayed on a screen.
  • Pantone and CMYK color codes are to be used when creating anything that is to be printed.
  • If you are unsure of which color code to use please email staff@bcchp.org.


Our logo uses Filson Soft as the primary typeface.


Logos To Download for Use

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