Invest in Building Connections That Count 

Nearly 90% of brain development takes place during the first five years of life*. Quality early childhood education is at the core of thriving children, which unfortunately, too many families struggle to access quality care. 1 in 4 children in Buffalo County do not have a childcare option in Buffalo County**. Families in Buffalo County struggle to afford quality care for their children. A single parent in Buffalo County works 73 hours per week at a minimum wage to afford a two-bedroom home.

Our community is celebrating 4 new licensed childcare providers in Buffalo County, who were assisted by mentors from the Early Childhood Collaborative. Buffalo County Community Partners is facilitating the expansion and addition of quality child care and education facilities in our community,” said Alexandra Dillion, Central Region Early Learning Connection Coordinator and Buffalo County Early Childhood Collaborative volunteer.

Childcare providers, families, and Buffalo County Community Partners are working together to ensure quality childcare is provided in your community. Every child has an opportunity to thrive in Buffalo County. Invest in addressing barriers to quality early childcare in your community by clicking the button below! 


*The Buffett Early Childhood Institute

**Data from Buffalo County, Communities for Kids Data Snapshot



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