We are better together

Community Partners started 2020 building community health priority goals for the next 10 years, but that work got put that on hold because of the immediate needs that were identified through the pandemic. We reacted quickly by identifying a significant need to have local resources for basic needs in one location, easily accessible in English and Spanish. We started building a community resource webpage. This webpage built the foundation for community conversations (via virtual meeting spaces) during the rest of the year.

Community Partners continued hosting these conversations to identify emerging needs, secure funding and resources to support those needs, and elevate needs to decision makers in the community.  We are leading community conversation on housing, food, volunteers, unconnected youth, mental health, COVID-19 education, minority education outreach, connectivity, and more. 

What have we made an impact on this year?

Ensuring Access to Healthy Foods  

  • Facilitated collaboration of Food Boxes. Serving about 1200 families per week. Coordinating volunteers. Supplementing boxes with extra protein throughout summer.
  • Provided kid friendly Protein Kits to over 300 families
  • Shared ideas with food pantries to better serve our LatinX community members
  • Provided gift cards for local grocery stores to local pantries that were in need
  • Gave Farmers Markets signs and handwashing stations


Providing hope for the community

  • Building coping and resiliency skills through mental wellness chats
  • Giving belonging for ALL community members by providing resources in updated languages
  • Gifting certificates for mental wellness visits
  • Youth Advisory Board volunteering for immediate needs
  • Helping Hands volunteer group brining hope and basic needs to Isolated individuals


Giving a voice to unheard community members.

  • Broke down barriers for Spanish only speaking residents to be apply to use resources such as, Test Nebraska (COVID-19 testing) and Pandemic EBT (food assistance)
  • Created Unconnected Youth Group to identify needs of youth in our community
  • Funded a position to help underemployed/unemployed at Kearney Works
  • Funded a community health worker to assist Spanish speaking residents with health needs
  • Advocated for Child care providers to be recognized as essential small business
  • Hosted virtual gatherings for Youth to gain knowledge of resources


Connecting those in need with resources  

  • Provided emergency relief dollars (flex funds) to Case Managers to assist community members with financial burdens during COVID-19 of basic needs: food, housing/utility, and mental health for youth/adults
  • Connected individuals with Laptops/Technology – assisting community members with continued schooling, GED, continued therapies, or communicating with loved ones
  • Created Helping Hands – A volunteer group helping homebound residence with basic needs
  • Provided lockboxes/gunlocks to community to Limit access to medications and storing firearms safely when not in use to promote suicide prevention
  • Created a COVID-19 community resource website –communicating weekly (in English and Spanish) during the early pandemic about updates in resources
  • Collaborated to create a digital resource directory, MYLNK

Giving space (via virtual meetings) to collaborate and strengthen community connections. –

  • Supporting and collaborating with existing case managers
  • Listening to emerging needs and finding community resources to help
  • Unifying the community around COVID19 needs by creating a “needs playbook”
  • Giving youth a place to be heard

Providing PPE & other COVID19 resources & support to our Essential workers

  • Gave bonus checks to child care providers
  • Created policy and procedures to give unity and safety for child care providers in our community
  • Gave bonus checks to front line nonprofit workers