Community partners are asking for your donation this holiday season to ensure a family or individual has a warm bed, food and heat.

How does this coordination between agencies work? During the pandemic, community partners gathered to form the Buffalo County Community Response Team, a new collaborative of agencies connected to support families and individuals in need. When all local agency resources have been exhausted or a gap in services is identified, agencies can apply on behalf of the family or individual for community response funds to cover the gap.

Emergency support agencies like Kearney Jubilee, Salvation Army, Community Action Partnership are the front line for people asking for food, shelter and utility supports. Community partners wrap around these emergency support agencies to coordinate resources to help persons in need, adding employment, mental health supports, stable housing and additional coordinated services. Community partners have illustrated the success of this work as 89% of those served had their needs met and have not returned for additional services.


We are better together

This year continued to be a challenge for our residents, businesses and partners as resources were limited, jobs went unfilled, people missed work due to illnesses, people needed new coping skills and our child care availability gap grew. As we all navigated this time of consistent change, our community resources needed to flex and community coordination expanded to ensure services met the changing needs of our residents. 

We discovered 24% of those seeking services in last two years, entered the doors of helping agencies for the first time.  Of those served with flexible funding, 89% found the support they needed and haven’t returned.  However, in this collective work community partners re-discovered your communities’ gaps and we need your support in helping to bring innovative solutions to our complex social problems.