Build connections in your community.

Buffalo County Community Partners has a great privilege to work alongside and mentor youth. Youth in your community are asking for caring adults.  Youth are asking for a community where they are recognized, appreciated; where adults work alongside them to make their vision and goals a reality.

Through the PhotoVoice program, photography and stories give voice to our youth. Our Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board comprised of area high school students have been empowered to voice their ideas and advocate for more mental health resources for their peers. Your donation would ensure these connections continue into 2023.

I invite you to donate to Buffalo County Community Partners annual holiday campaign to

  • ensure youth have a camera to express their voices,
  • ensure youth have a safe place to meet with warm meals,
  • ensure youth have access to resources that are easy to understand, and
  • ensure youth are connected to caring adults.

Your donation will support youth in your community. Consider a donation by check, payable to Buffalo County Community Partners or donate online at  Your support will build connections that count.