Community Response Process

Community Response is the actions a community takes to develop a system of resources and services which strengthen families.

A community connector is someone that has been in contact with a community member that is in need of support. The community connector will act as a guide and point of contact for the individual or family member to help get them connected to services, support and/or resources.

You as a community connector can complete a Buffalo County Community Response emergency flex funds application on behalf of clients to be submitted to the Community Navigator, who will process and determine funding availability and eligibility. You may also fill out a laptop flex funding form for your clients that may need a device in order to continue their learning, stay connected with family and friends, or for tele-health.

Emergency Flex Fund Form and Process

To apply for Flex Funding, follow the process outlined below.

  1. Download and complete Buffalo County Flex Fund Application Packet
  2. Email all required forms to one of our Central Navigators:
    1. Wanda Fedorchik:
    2. Martha Marfileño, bilingual:
    3. If you cannot email the form or have questions, please call Jordyn at 308-865-2288.


Laptop/Technology Fund Form and Process

  1. Download form using the following link: Laptop Fillable PDF.pdf
  2. Return form by email to Data Coordinator, Matt Moris,
    1. If you have questions, reach out to