Campaign chairs Jon Watts and Jonathan Nikkila.

Campaign chairs Jon Watts and Jonathan Nikkila.

Community Partners is excited to announce the chairs of our 2014 Annual Fund Campaign: Kearney City Council Member Jonathan Nikkila and Kearney Public School Board Member Jon Watts. The energy they’ve brought to the organization has gotten everyone even more excited about a new year of building a healthier Buffalo County!

“Buffalo County Community Partners is a busy and dynamic non-profit organization,” Nikkila said. “It provides the vision, leadership, and energy to address many of the most important health issues our community is facing.”

In addition to his service as campaign chair, Nikkila has worked with Activate Buffalo County to help promote its “Be Active” campaign and is serving as a member of the Community Building Block Party committee.

Watts’ involvement with Community Partners goes beyond the fund campaign, as well. He has worked with youth during several PhotoVoice sessions, speaking to the participants about advocacy and learning about the issues that concern them.

About his experience with the program, Watts said, “Participating in the PhotoVoice program provided a visual reminder that young people don’t need us kicking a bucket of health-related problems down the road for them to deal with. By supporting Community Partners now, we can improve the future health of our community.”

When asked why he chose to serve as a campaign chair, Watts said, “We have a responsibility for our community’s future, and Community Partners is a proven and tested way to confront and address health-related challenges facing our community.

“When you are serious about having a positive impact on your community, you look for organizations that have a plan and a record of success. Community Partners has both. It was a logical choice to contribute both time and treasure.”

If you would like to learn more about our 2014 Annual Fund Campaign, our accomplishments in building a healthier Buffalo County, or our current list of projects and programs, visit for our full Case for Support.

In addition, if you would like to make a donation or provide support to our campaign in any way, please contact Denise Zwiener by phone at 308-865-2280 or by email. You can also make a donation by clicking here.

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