The Bike Blender at Community Partners’ office.

The Bike Blender at Community Partners’ office.

In March, Activate Buffalo County, as part of its Safe Routes to School grant, conducted parent surveys at several Buffalo County schools. The surveys focused on how many students walked or biked to school, how often they did so, and what barriers students faced, such as distance, traffic, weather, and more.

Kenwood Elementary returned the highest percentage of parent surveys, making them the winner of Activate Buffalo County’s contest to receive a Bike Blender built by the Bike Shed. The Bike Blender will be presented to the students at Kenwood’s Back to School Night on August 13. There will also be D.I.Y. yard games from Community Partners’ Community Building Block Party kits, as well as other fun activities and information.

If you would like more information about Activate Buffalo County and the work it’s doing through Safe Routes to School, visit Activate Buffalo County’s Safe Routes to School page or contact Safe Routes to School Coordinator Kate Hannon at 308-865-2288 or by email.

Check out the Bike Blender in action below.

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