Sugar Comparison of DrinksJuly marks the beginning of Activate Buffalo County’s second ReThink Your Drink campaign, which promotes choosing water over sugary beverages like pop, sweetened tea, and sports drinks. The campaign incorporates a travelling ReThink Your Drink display, online resources and information, and a media campaign in order to promote healthful choices to Buffalo County community members and assist them in making those choices.

The ReThink Your Drink display has travelled across the state, showing up at health fairs, businesses, and schools. It is scheduled to be at the Kearney Area Children’s Museum July 19th and will be on display at the Buffalo County Fair. The display includes statistics on sugary drink consumption, example drinks and their sugar content, a model of 5 lbs. of fat, and an interactive challenge to match sugar amounts with their respective beverages. The display was funded by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield and the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Human Performance Lab.

On, community members can find information and statistics on sugary drink consumption, resources to help reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, posters and other shareable media, monthly challenges related to rethinking their drinks, and an active blog with current info, fun facts, and motivational posts.

The coalition’s ReThink Your Drink video has already started playing at local movie theaters and is available to watch on their website and YouTube channel. It is accompanied by public service announcements on radio and television, billboard messages, online messages, and more.

Activate Buffalo County is a community coalition powered by Buffalo County Community Partners that seeks to create awareness, advocacy, and excitement about physical activity and the importance of designing our community for active and healthy lifestyles. For more information, visit the Activate Buffalo County website.

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