Only a few days after Healthy Kids Weekend was under its belt, Activate Buffalo County was right back to promoting active transportation. May is National Bike Month, and with Bike to School Day and Bike to Work Week on the calendar, Activate Buffalo County still has a full plate of Unplug activities!

On May 7th and 8th, Safe Routes to School Coordinator Kate Hannon, along with volunteers from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, helped students at Northeast and Park Elementary schools celebrate Bike to School Day. “The best part of Bike to School Day was seeing the children’s faces when they got their stickers and seeing how accomplished they felt, not just because they got a reward, but because they enjoyed biking to school.

“It really was a big deal for them, and those types of moments are what we hope will promote lasting change. Creating awareness and increasing safety are goals we are working towards so this isn’t one day a semester. It could be happening multiple times a week,” Kate said.

At the two events hosted by Activate Buffalo County, over 450 students walked or biked to school!

At the two events hosted by Activate Buffalo County, over 450 students walked or biked to school!

And don’t forget about Bike to Work Week, May 12-16. While there may not be stickers and prizes for adults, this national event is the perfect motivation to tune up your two-wheeler and get a workout on the way to work! Studies show even light physical activity in the morning leads to a more productive and energetic day, so take the week to try it out and see how riding to work makes you feel. Maybe it will be the morning boost you’ve been looking for!

In addition to Bike to School and Bike to Work activities, Activate Buffalo County is promoting the National Bike Challenge as part of Bike Month. Riders from across the nation are invited to join local teams and help the League of American Bicyclists reach its goal of 30 million miles ridden over the course of the challenge. Participants can win prizes based on miles logged, and track colaries burned over the course of the challenge. There’s plenty of room on the Activate Buffalo County team, so check out the Activate Buffalo County website to join.

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