The HealthyMINDS coalition hosted another virtual mental wellness chat featuring community experts who discussed alcohol on the rise through Covid-19. You can find the video chat on the Buffalo Community Partners Facebook Page and can also be re-watched here.

The chat focused on rising trends within individuals who are struggling with substance abuse during Covid and how we can help them cope during this time.

The panelists on call were:

  • Krista Fritson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, UNK Psychology Professor, Central Nebraska LOSS Team clinical director
  • Tina Christine Chasek, UNK Associate Professor Counseling Department
  • Sara Yendra, Insight Counseling and Recovery

Many individuals are drinking more alcohol as the pandemic spreads. Chasek from UNK Associate Professor Counseling Department, says “Alcohol consumption is up by 50%”. There is a decrease of our “normal” within coping skills because of limitations due to Covid restrictions. The panelists discussed a variety of topics regarding alcohol consumption during Covid including how to cope without the use of alcohol and how creativity can facilitate hope.

Chasek states, “We need strategies,” to regulate alcohol consumptions during Covid whether that’s through tracking the use of alcohol, tracking the use of alleviating mood, sense of accomplishment, connecting socially with a support system, getting creative with new hobbies and outlets, or even taking it one day at a time. For a list of local community resources to help with mental wellness see:

You can view previously recorded HealthyMINDS Mental Wellness Chats here:

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