Data Coordinator Ariane Aten

Ariane Aten has been promoted to data coordinator for Buffalo County Community Partners. She will be responsible for managing a data tracking system for the strategic directions of Buffalo County Community Partners’ 2020 Vision and providing assistance to Community Partners’ programs to ensure compliance and efficient data tracking for multiple coalitions and the Planning and Measurement Committee.

“Most people run the opposite direction when they hear ‘Data Coordinator’, but it has been really exciting to see how the numbers can really tell a story,” she said. “The information we gather is useful to show a need or success in our community, which then allows each coalition to create a deeper focus.”

Aten is also working closely with the Health HUB by scheduling meetings, attending monthly Community Health Access Team (CHAT) meetings, recording minutes, and managing data-tracking software for the program by auditing pathway payments, policies, procedures, and outcomes. She is also doing research for an effective violence prevention curriculum and creating a strategic plan for Community Partners’ new Violence Prevention Coalition that will support schools in Buffalo County to implement the violence prevention curriculum.

Aten graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a minor in health science. She worked for Community Partners as an administrative assistant and was promoted to full-time data coordinator after graduating.

“Community Partners does so much in the community, and it’s important to track results. We’ve seen some amazing numbers that show our work is making a huge impact in our community, and I’m excited to see how our next sets of data compare with what we’ve already seen,” Aten said.

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