Be Well Buffalo County has been working with a consultant group, Epiphany Services, to create a logic model on which they can build their work. As the strategic team focused on healthy lifestyles in our county, the process has helped Be Well to prioritize issues and build a strong foundation for encouraging healthy behaviors.

Be Well Buffalo County created a logo to brand the group. The group wanted the eight dimensions of wellness represented in the logo. They feel that there is not just one piece to wellness but that many areas in our life have an impact on our wellness.

The last few months have included lots of conversations and data collection. Be Well has been very focused on choosing to work in areas where they can prove to have the largest impact.
At their coalition meeting in March, the group was able to take the over arching ideas from their months of brainstorming, data collection and discussion, and identify two primary goals and an over arching long-term objective.
1: To increase the physical activity level of Buffalo County residents.
2: To increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables by Buffalo County residents.
Both of these goals point toward Community Partners 2020 vision goal of decreasing the percentage of Buffalo County residents who report a BMI of 25 or higher. In 2012, 67.1% of community members reported their BMI was over 25. The goal is by 2018 to have that number decreased to 66%.
The group has chosen to focus on specific local conditions that impact our community’s health including school wellness policies, active transportation to school and work, affordability of fruits and vegetables and worksite wellness practices. They will continue to work with their consultant group to talk strategies and create a data-driven action plan this spring and summer.

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