Bounce House, trees wrapped in t-shirts, smoothies and snacks, tug of war, painting, kayaks, and yoga were some of activities you would of seen at the Block Party.
We saw 215 people add their strength to our partnership by bringing a T-shirt to tie around the trees in Harmon Park. The goal of our T-shirt wrapping was to bring something to the community to show what Community Partners does in the community. IMG_7237
The T-shirt represents the individual strength of each individual in the community. The color and design represents our community values. The tree is a symbol of life with branches reaching new opportunities and the roots grounding our work. The process of wrapping a tree with a colored ribbon builds a culture of awareness of a cause(s). Buffalo County Community Partners is a non-profit partnership of many individuals, values, opportunities, challenges, and causes. When they come together in one park and one tree it unifies us under one vision to Build a Healthier Community.
We reached over 2,000 people on social media surrounding the event. We were blessed with all of our sponsors and partners of the event. IMG_7252
First National Bank
CHI Health Good Samaritan
Kearney Whitewater
Safe Kids
Grace Fellowship
Kearney Parks and Rec
Kearney Crossfit

“The block party was a hit! It was so much fun to IMG_7246get to meet new people in the community and spread the message about the annual campaign to such a variety of people. There was such a variety in the shirts that people brought to show their individual strengths in the community. And it was so pretty to see all the color and variety spread out in the trees of Harmon.”
~Madi Casper, Campaign Co Chair


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