“A unique and incredibly awesome outcome that was deemed important but far reaching when Buffalo County Community Partners was formed, was creating an organization with the leadership and resources, (human, financial and in-kind) needed to sustain itself over time, in order to attain its important vision of improving the quality of life of those who live and work in the community. What began as a “virtual” organization of volunteer stakeholders from all facets of the community (local government, schools, human service providers, business and industry, health care organizations, civic groups and consumers) is now, 20 years later a formal, highly visible and respected pillar of the community known for its strength and ability to bring together diverse groups and resources to achieve positive and measurable change in areas of identified community need. Led by Buffalo County residents and supported by their generous resources, Buffalo County Community Partners has achieved its far reaching goal of sustainability and is recognized locally and nationally for its work in creating a healthier community.

Of note is that two of the founding Board members, Carol Renner, Associate Superintendent of Kearney Public Schools and Carol Schwarz, Extension Educator at Buffalo County Extension Service have been members of the Board since its formation. Denise Zwiener, the first Executive Director hired by Community Partners in 1999 has been serving for the past 16 years. They, and multiple other dedicated community volunteers continue to work together to attain the vision of Community Partners.”
—Joan Lindenstein, Community Partners first Board Chair


–Original list of the first board members–

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