In 2007, a tree was planted in honor of Joan Lindenstein’s retirement, dedicating her time to Buffalo County Community Partners, thus dubbing Oct. 29th as “Building a Healthier Buffalo County Day.” Lindenstein led the weaving of our vision in the community and the health systems. She helped shape Community Partners in its formative years in 1994 and 1995, served as chair of its board of directors for the organization’s first three years, and remained on the board up until her retirement.

In honor of the day we hosted a luncheon for the leading donors from the year. The Community Partners could not accomplish the things in the community we do if it were not for the monetary support we receive from the community.

Doctor Ken Schaffer and Dietician Kaiti George hosted the “healthy luncheon.” We had 40 donors attend to celebrate by eating lunch and chatting with the staff about current involvement in the community.

“Dr. Shaffer graciously gave of his time and generosity by inviting our 2015 leading donors to join him for a healthy lunch in celebration of their giving! It was a great time for our donor family to gather and enjoy the rewards of their efforts.” said Denise Zwiener.

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