Youth Coordinator Mark Foradori

Youth Coordinator Mark Foradori

Buffalo County Community Partners is excited to announce our new Youth Coordinator Mark Foradori. He will be working with the Youth Advisory Board, providing guidance and support as YAB pursues new advocacy efforts and organizes its Show Me the Money Scholarship event and the Nebraska Youth Academy for Democracy. He will also be coordinating Community Partners’ PhotoVoice project, which gives youth who are in diversion programs a chance to express themselves and share their concerns about the community through photography.

Foradori has a Bachelor of Science in art education from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from Cleveland State University. He was the art teacher and yearbook sponsor in Hildreth Public Schools for six years and taught classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art for two years. In addition, he has extensive experience working with volunteers and organizing events.

Foradori said, “I’m excited to help youth discover ways to become healthy, successful adults who are able to work together to tackle the challenges of the future, and to engage youth in a critical exchange of ideas about their relationship to their community, to each other as members of the community, and to policy makers in the community.”

For more information on YAB, visit their website.

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