The Health HUB pilot of the Community Health Access Team (a coalition of Buffalo County Community Partners) is one of ten projects selected across the nation to attend the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s launch of the “Escape Velocity to A Culture of Health” campaign.

Communities Joined in Action is hosting the campaign and has invited Buffalo County to the national discussion table. The campaign seeks to unite communities who are ready to work together across boundaries to create health into a collective national and international effort.

Executive Director Denise Zwiener will be traveling to Cambridge, Mass., to meet with representatives of ten other communities and 180 health system administrators to share Buffalo County’s best practices. Community Partners was selected for this honor based on its partners’ efforts to integrate community health workers into coordinated healthcare teams and the policy it developed to elevate the role of community health workers in Nebraska.

The Health HUB program’s most noted outcome documents a healthcare savings of $1.2 million for 250 clients over a three-year period. This cost savings continues to grow with the utilization of community health workers as a part of the coordinated health care team. More details on the achievements of the Health HUB pilot program will be revealed in the coming months.

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