We’re so happy for all of our Youth Advisory Board graduates. It’s been amazing working with you, and we can’t wait to see the wonderful things you do!

2014-05-16 YAB Abbot Dominic 2014-05-16 YAB Bisbee Aaron 2014-05-16 YAB Flessner paxton 2014-05-16 YAB Kegley Maranda
Dominic Abbot
Amherst High School


Aaron Bisbee
Gibbon High School


Paxton Flessner
Ravenna High School


Maranda Kegley
Amherst High School


2014-05-16 YAB Oliver Zach 2014-05-16 YAB Ourada Anna 2014-05-16 YAB Potthoff Robbie 2014-05-16 YAB Redinger Louden
Zachary Oliver
Shelton High School


Anna Ourada
Elm Creek High School


Robbie Potthoff
Kearney High School


Louden Redinger
Shelton High School


2014-05-16 YAB Schambach Katie 2014-05-16 YAB Teichmeier Sarah 2014-05-16 YAB Weitjes Bryan
Katie Schambach
Ravenna High School
Sarah Teichmeier
Ravenna High School
Bryan Wietjes
Amherst High School
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