Buffalo County Community Partners is looking for key stakeholders to assist in developing the Central Nebraska Diabetes Referral Network. Ariane Aten, data coordinator for Buffalo County Community Partners, is the project lead. She will be meeting with several stakeholders to discuss the programs or services they provide to community members who have or are at risk of developing diabetes.

Once she has gathered information on the different opportunities in Buffalo County, she will work with these interested stakeholders in developing a Diabetes Referral Network for diabetes self-management and diabetes prevention programs for providers located in Buffalo County. She will also work with stakeholders to explore the feasibility of developing and implementing a comparison tool. This tool will evaluate outcomes of persons who engage in diabetes self-management, participate in diabetes prevention programs, or utilize community health workers in their self-management versus persons who do not.

Her hope is to share successes and challenges with other key stakeholders, local public health departments, and healthcare providers throughout Nebraska. Funding for this project comes from the State Department of Health and Human Services. If you work with pre-diabetic or diabetic clients and want to join in this effort, please contact Ariane at 308-865-2289 or by email.

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