Cooking with Carol is teaming up with Buffalo County Community Partners to sponsor a 12-hour Family Fun/d Raising Day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday (June 9).

One $15 donation provides a high-protein snack kit that includes a recipe and ingredients to make a fun nutritious summer snack. Included will be other recipes, in both English and Spanish, that also incorporate protein.

Donations of $15 will be matched to reach two more families.

To donate, visit Select “Family Food Kit” from the drop-down menu.

Available protein for families impacted by covid-19 has been prioritized by Buffalo County Community Partners collaboratives and task forces.  Food insecurity in 2017 impacted 1,970 children reaching as many as 12.3% of children in Buffalo County, greater than Nebraska rate 11.2% (Voices for Children in Nebraska).  Covid-19 has increased the number of families in need; distribution issues due to covid-19 at meat packing plants reduced protein source availability in food pantries across the county.

Cooking with Carol has donated $1500 to match the first 100 gifts, and Buffalo County Community Partners with funding from Nebraska Children and Families Foundation will match every $15 gift.

Food kits will be distributed through Head Starts in Buffalo County, local food pantries and other child-centered organizations. “Available protein sources in local food pantries has been a typical issue in our community, covid-19 has further complicated it.  We have invited friends from communities across the county who want to help us distribute the Food Kits to families that live in your neighborhood.  Your gift will be giving families an opportunity to do a fun protein packed activity together that includes nutritious recipes to use throughout the summer.” said Denise Zwiener, executive director, Buffalo County Community Partners.

Children in your community will benefit from your gift. If you are able to give to other families at this time, please consider investing in protein sources for local families impacted by covid-19.


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