Mental Health Gift Certificate

Mental Health Gift Certificate Process

This program is for licensed mental health practitioners, who practice in Buffalo County.

These gift certificates will provide outpatient mental services for an individual up to four sessions at the rate of $123.00 per session. Additional sessions would be at the cost of the individual. These sessions are to be completed by December 30, 2020 and can be via telehealth or face-to-face.

Client Requirements to be eligible:

  • Must be impacted by COVID-19, which can be but not limited to job loss, change in family dynamics/structure, emotional and mental health struggles, and difficulties associated with housing, etc.
  • Must be a resident of Nebraska
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Clients currently participating in outpatient services because of barriers related to COVID, are also eligible for a gift certificate and could participate in up to four sessions at no cost to them.  For those that are current clients, eligibility for gift certificates would remain the same as they would be uninsured or underinsured, and have been impacted by COVID in various ways as previously noted.  The gift certificates will apply to future sessions and not sessions that have already been completed.

You do not have to provide documentation with your application, but you MUST be able to provide documentation for these requirements upon request.

It is also noted that the individuals eligible will either be uninsured, or are underinsured and have private insurance. It is important to note that no sessions will be billed to insurance if the individual has private insurance, as the gift certificates will provide payment.

How to access gift certificates once you have determined client eligibility:

  1. Email Amber Hallberg at to verify availability for a certificate.
  2. Once approval is given from Amber Hallberg at Buffalo Community Partners, complete application she provides. The full application will need to be sent to Amber within 48 hours of approval for the gift certificate.
  3. Stop – Did you get approval by email from Amber? If so proceed to next step. If not please see step 2 above. 
  4. Read and be aware of Letter of Agreement. Click here for agreement 
  5. Once sessions are completed, up to four sessions, an invoice is to be completed and sent to Amber to prompt reimbursement.  Reminder that no sessions utilizing the gift certificate are to be submitted to insurance. If the client consented to demographic information to be shared, such information and a release of information will then be sent upon completion of sessions.
  6. Please have gift certificates redeemed by Dec 30, 2020. Any certificates after that date will not be honored.

Questions: Contact Sarah Yendra,, for more informaiton on the program.

Funding for the program is provided through Department of Health and Human Services Federal CARES Act.

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