Jessie Perez – Health HUB Coordinator

The Community Health Access Team (CHAT) has reached several milestones in just one year with the new Health HUB for diabetes. One of their main goals was to enroll fifty clients with diabetes in the progam, and they not only met, but exceeded that goal.

Additionally, the Health HUB established a partnership with Sentinel Health Care. Carmen Royal, a Community Health Advocate, Karen Koch, RN., CDE, and Crystal Winfield, the Director, have all been instrumental in working through many of the details of the Health HUB program.
Another important step was forming an official Advisory board for the Health HUB. This board will help oversee the Health HUB’s direction and will provide a diverse, community perspective.
“Working with new and innovative approaches to community health is not without its challenges,” said Jessie Perez, Health HUB Coordinator, “but this is a vision that will help enable and promote health care accessibility while reducing health disparities.”

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