What was your New Year’s Resolution?

Did it have something to do with weight loss/living healthier/being more active? How’s that going for you?

Are you struggling? Not seeing the results you want? Losing motivation?

Community Partners wants to help! Keep following our blog for little tips and tidbits on how to make little changes that can help!  So where to start….how about salads?

Are you eating more salads, trying to lose weight/eat healthier? Great! Salads are great ways to get nutrients you need and can be fixed so many ways that they never get boring. BUT, it’s also pretty easy to mess up a salad and undo the positives that you could be getting out of it. This article, “15 Ways to Build a Healthier Salad” is just that, 15 tips for getting the most out of your salad!

Here are a few of their tips:

-“Anything that comes in an edible shell (or puts part of an edible shell on top of your salad, like tortilla strips) should be avoided.”

-“Chicken is okay if it’s grilled, not if it’s fried.”

-“Tons [of dried fruit] will only add “added” sugars to your salad. Instead opt for fresh apples, strawberries or mandarin oranges canned in their own juice. By the way, pairing vitamin C-rich oranges or strawberries with a spinach salad helps to enhance iron absorption!”

-“If you must go with a restaurant dressing, never let the restaurant put the dressing on for you. Instead, you control the amount and request it on the side. Use your fork and dab some dressing on it before you poke the salad. ”

These are just a few of some easy and great tips for getting the most out of your salad! Try one or two and see what a difference it can make!

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