Mental and behavioral health are two areas Buffalo County is wanting to work on. Our collaborative HealthyMINDS has worked with Kearney Public School to get two behavioral health coaches hired for two elementary schools. This is just a pilot. The group will evaluate the model at the end of a year, and see if it can be implemented in all Buffalo County Schools. 

Wade Goodwin and Abree Taillon have been contracted as the new Behavioral Health Coaches at Kenwood and Emerson Elementary Schools. Funding came through the CHI Health Mission and Ministry Behavioral Health Grant. Kearney Public schools has partnered with Buffalo County Community Partners HealthyMINDS group to pilot this coaching model.

Wade Goodwin graduated from UNK with a master’s degree in Community Counseling. Since 2014 he has been working as an Independent Mental Health Practitioner in Kearney.

Abree Taillon is a certified Behavior Analyst and a Provisional Licensed Mental Health Practitioner. She has been working as a Mental Health Practitioner at the Munroe-Meyer Institute Behavioral Health in Kearney since 2015. She has experience helping children and families with emotional and behavioral health issues.

“The Behavioral Health Coaches will be a wonderful asset to their respective schools. These coaches will work with teachers to implement positive student behaviors and classroom management to promote a healthier classroom environment.  The coach is another tool for teachers to enhance the skills needed to provide the best educational environment for all students,” said Tana Miller, Coordinator of HealthyMINDs collaborative.

The coaches will be providing behavior support to teachers and families/caregivers. They will work with the school team to reinforce positive behaviors and lower disruptive behaviors to give students more success in school and at home.

HealthyMINDS is the newly formed behavioral health collaborative addressing behavioral health needs in children and youth ages 0-18 in Buffalo County. HealthyMINDS is a collaborative of Buffalo County Community Partners.

Read more about HealthyMINDS here

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