The HealthyMINDS coalition hosted another virtual mental wellness chat featuring community experts who discussed the importance of facilitating hope during times of isolation within Covid -19. This video chat is premiering on Sat, Nov 7 at 8:30 am on the Buffalo Community Partners Facebook Page and can also be re-watched after it premieres.

This chat is focused on isolated individuals and how we can help them cope during this time.

The panelists on the call were:

  • Krista Fritson Licensed Clinical Psychologist, UNK Psychology Professor, Central Nebraska LOSS Team clinical director
  • Erin Davis, South Central Area Agency on Aging
  • Stacy Werner, Senior Life Solutions

Many individuals are becoming more isolated as the pandemic stretches on. There is increased emotional difficulty when individuals are isolated for these long periods of time. The panelists discuss a variety of topics regarding isolation including how to provide for isolated individuals emotional needs and how creativity can facilitate hope.

Werner from Senior Life Solutions, says “We need technology,” to keep the older population connected whether that’s through zoom for tele-therapy or virtual coffee with friends. The panelists also promote connecting with others and connecting to local resources in times of isolation. For a list of local community resources to help with mental wellness see:

You can view previously recorded HealthyMINDS Mental Wellness Chats Here:

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