Health HUB aims to help underprivileged , diabetic members of the community find a primary care provider, secure a payment source, obtain affordable medication, receive diabetes education and address social needs or barriers. The following is a true story.

“Robert” was referred to Health HUB by the Good Samaritan Hospital Care Transitions Team. He was using the emergency room at least three times each month. He was unemployed and diabetic, allowing him to be eligible for the Health HUB Program.

During his first assessment, Robert didn’t have a primary care provider or any money for insurance. He had standing debt at local primary care clinics. His diabetes wasn’t controlled, he wasn’t testing, and he didn’t have access to medications. The Health HUB nurse (housed at Sentinel Health Care) provided Robert with a meter and test strips. He was taught carbohydrate counting, portion control and routine examination techniques for his feet.

The Health HUB community health worker (housed at Sentinel Health Care) helped Robert apply online for the Department of Health and Human Services resources for services. He applied for Medicaid, SNAP, Energy Assistance, Utilities Assistance, and he requested help to get air conditioning for his home. Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska, Salvation Army, and the Jubilee Center helped Robert with a one-time housing deposit and rent.

The Health HUB community health worker encouraged Robert to look for employment, and he was referred to work rehab. Today, he is working from home. He has established an internet business with local providers and is slowly expanding his territory.

Robert has been able to maintain his health for the last ten months and hasn’t used the emergency room since then. Instead, he has established a relationship with a local physician. He continues participating in Sentinel Health Care’s Medication Assistance Program and is no longer asking for help with his monthly expenses.

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