Ashleigh Galles has been the wellness intern at Community Partners slightly over one

Ashleigh Galles poses after her interview for the PHEAST program.

year. She recently applied and was accepted for The Public Health Early Admissions Student Track (PHEAST), which is a health professions pipeline program designed to recruit, educate, and graduate passionate public health leaders committed to improving population health outcomes in Nebraska. This is a program designed to help guide student’s through their undergraduate degree, and they recieve automatic admission into UNMC. Galles will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health at UNMC in two years when she finishes her undergraduate program at UNK.
“Ashleigh came to us highly recomended from faculty at UNK as a Freshman. Her thirst for public health comes through in her work for us, and she has been a great fit for our team,” said Denise Zwiener, executive director of Community Partners.
Galles has always wanted to work in the Public Health field, and this opportunity will make achieving that goal easier. Galles said, “It is a relief to know I will have the rest of my undergraduate degree paid for and have admission right away into UNMC graduate program. It is not always easy to get into graduate school, so I feel blessed to know that will not be a problem for me! This is something I have always wanted to do, and I couldn’t be happier.”

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