The Opioid taskforce and Suicide prevention taskforce collaborated to make medication lockboxes and firearm locks available to the community. You can access them at Richard Young Behavioral Health Center, 1755 Prairie View Pl, Kearney, NE 68845. You can call (308) 865-2000 for more information or for questions on how to access them. They are free to the public.

1 in 3 Buffalo County High School students that reported taking a medication not prescribed to them, say they took it from someone without their knowledge.

You should consider using a medicaito lockbox if:

  • You live in a household with higher risk of medication misuse
  • You live in a household with medications such as opioid medications which have a high lethality rate when misuse and a high risk of developing addition or dependence
  • You have small children or teenagers
  • You know someone who has been suicidal in the past
  • You have a family member who is on hospice or has dementia

The Opioid taskforce is a sub-committee of the Positive Pressure Coalition. It was formed to address the Nation’s emerging opioid crisis. Suicide prevention’s goal is to reduce and prevent suicide in Buffalo County. The two groups have joined together to collaborate to create a healthier and safer Buffalo County.

Funds Provided by the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Mini Grant.

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