Ann HuffmanIn 1982, I moved to Kearney with my two children, Troy and Wendy. I discovered not only a warm, friendly atmosphere, but numerous programs offered for all of us. I felt my children would have endless learning and social opportunities.

Since that time, I have remarried, and we now proudly have a blended family of three children and seven grandchildren. I have worked for several local businesses, keeping in mind my first objective to establish good customer relationships while using my bookkeeping skills. When I look back to family, employers, and friends who have been there for my family, I will never be able to repay what I’ve been given. Hopefully Community Partners will give me an opportunity to reach out to others.

As executive assistant for Buffalo County Community Partners, I want to continue the open door policy for all. Together with the other associates, I am committed in Building a Healthier Buffalo County for many generations.

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