Tana NelsenI graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a B.S. in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and an M.S. in sports administration. While earning my masters at UNK, I was the graduate assistant for campus recreation, where I led student and staff marketing functions.

As I have resided in Buffalo County for the past six years, I have built an innate sense of pride in this community. The opportunity to work towards improving the health and quality of life in Buffalo County excites me. This community has a lot to take pride in, and I am fortunate to be able to assist in making sure it remains that way.

I look forward to working with many different people within the community to ensure a high standard of living for Buffalo County. We have a magnificent support system completely dedicated to bettering the community. It’s great to be part of a group that does not settle for what is, but strives for what could be.

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