Five new board members have joined the Buffalo County Community Partners Board of Directors in 2022. New board members include:

  • Tammy Jeffs, Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska
  • Nathan Lightle, Pleasanton School
  • Jon Brandt, Anderson, Klein, Brewster & Brandt Law
  • Chandra Diaz, University of Nebraska at Kearney
  • Matt Lohmeier, Mission Integration, CHI Health Good Samaritan


“I am excited to be part of this high functioning board that is doing really great work to strengthen our community. When a community cares for individuals by offering supports, it not only enriches those individuals’ lives, but it enriches our entire community,” said Diaz.

A new Executive Committee is also in place for 2022:

  • Chairman, Nadia Saadi
  • Vice Chairman, Kathy Gifford
  • Secretary, Amanda Applegate
  • Treasurer, Jon Brandt

In 2021 the board decided to move forward using the collective impact model. Collective Impact is the commitment of people from different sectors to a common agenda for solving complex social problems. It is a disciplined effort to bring together many people in a community to establish a common vision, adopt a shared set of clearly defined and measurable goals, and systematically align and coordinate efforts to achieve those goals. It includes using evidence-based strategies that reinforce one another’s work.

“Our communities’ past successes tell the story and build a strong foundation for our work with collective impact,” said Denise Zwiener, executive director Community Partners.

The Community Partners board members will continue to meet monthly to build on their collaborative health goal of bringing people and organizations together to design and align community prevention systems. The board spent multiple meetings last year listening to community members discuss gaps in our community. They found data behind what gaps were presented from the community members and this year are looking to address these gaps.

Thank you to retiring board members Megan Loomis, Judy Schultz, Mike Schnieders, Mike Tye, and Carol Schwarz, who have made significant impacts throughout their time with Community Partners.

A complete list of the Board Members can be found here:

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