While every one of Buffalo County Community Partners’ coalitions is working towards the same goal of building a healthier Buffalo County, that doesn’t always mean they’re able to work together. Each coalition faces its own challenges and holds its own schedule, so getting everyone from every coalition together at the same time is nearly impossible. With the formation of the new Collaboration Council, Community Partners aims to improve inter-coalition communication and expand not only how coalitions help each other, but also how they get help from Community Partners.

“Today, our coalitions and organizations are asked to do more with less,” said Community Partners Director Denise Zwiener. “The newly formed Collaboration Council will work to bring a deeper integration of services and programs in our community. At our next meeting, we will be unveiling new data to illustrate the impact community coalitions are making in Buffalo County.”

Scheduled to meet quarterly, the Collaboration Council will give coalitions a chance to share their successes and strategies, get help and advice from other coalitions, and stay unified in achieving Community Partners’ ultimate goal. It will allow everyone to “collaborate to innovate” and grow a support system between all of Community Partners’ hard-working coalitions.

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