Access to basic resources like food was a top priority identified in the Buffalo County playbook. The Community Partners Board of directors invited partners working in food security to join their June meeting and share information around food security. The group was prompted to listen for needs, barriers, and ways to connect and deepen conversations to widen the impact of food security through our community.

Partners on the call that shared where: Candi Benge, Kearney Area Farmers Market, Kate Murphy and Jason Mundorf, Kearney Public Schools, Carol Schwarz, Nebraska Extension, Niki Peterson and Lori McCollough, Social Workers Kearney Public School, Katie Mulligan, Two Rivers Public Health, and Judy Schultz, Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska. Partners shared about school lunch and backpack programs, nutrition educational materials, access to fresh produce, food pantry schedules, and supports for women and infants.

“We saw a shared agenda of broad coordination with food needs,” said Judy Schultz, Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska. “Partners shared information about food insecurity, education, and resources… now connecting the dots is what is going to be an important next step.”

Nadia Sadia, Community Partners Board Chair said, “The introduction of information is step one in this bigger picture process. We wanted an awareness of what partners are working on pertaining to food security.”

“We want to continue sharing these resources and information in the community. We keep asking ourselves (as the board) who else needs to know about these food service opportunities in our community,” said Tammy Jackson, Communitiy Partners Board member.

The board listened to what partners are currently doing in the community and are continuing to host conversations about what resources our community is offering and how we keep getting those resources to the people in need.

If you want to be part of the converastion aroudn food security, send us a message, to get connected.


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