Twenty-one community members attended a town hall meeting set by The Pleasanton Village Board on August 22 to discuss walkability in the community. Following the meeting the Village Board will consider input gathered and set walkability priorities to shape the future of walking in the community.

Last month, Buffalo County Community Partners staff worked with the Village Board and Miller and Associates to conduct a sidewalk audit. The results of the audit were presented to residents at the meeting to start discussion.

A diverse group of community members came to the meeting to give input. The group was divided into smaller groups who talked about their vision for the community, purposes of walking paths, and the challenges to walking.

Leora Hofmann, Village Clerk/Treasurer for Pleasanton, said she was very impressed with the turnout and she was happy to see the range of members, non-walkers and walkers combined that showed to the meeting.

“This meeting opened the door for community members to be able to take part in the action that will soon begin taking place in their community and that alone excites me for the progress we mapped out at the meeting,” stated Community Partners wellness intern, Ashleigh Galles.

IMG_7601smallhe next step for the community is filling out a survey, so the Village Board will have enough information to make informative next steps.

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