broken glassIn an effort to make Cruise Nite safer for community members, Positive Pressure sent letters to local business owners asking that they restrict or reduce the sale of alcohol in glass bottles Cruise Nite weekend. The letters were signed by Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch and recommended retailers only sell alcohol in plastic and aluminum containers.

Walgreens, located in the epicenter of the Cruise Nite parade, has decided not to sell beer in glass containers on Saturday night. Manager Keven Heese said, “We think it would be better for the community, safer, and easier to clean up. There are always a lot of problems along 2nd Avenue and we just want to help.”

Positive Pressure hopes the reduction in glass bottles will result in fewer injuries caused by broken glass on the streets, sidewalks, and lawns along 25th Street. They also hope it will make the next day’s cleanup effort safer, easier, and more effective. There will be fewer broken bottles to sweep up and a smaller likelihood that sharp pieces will be missed and remain on the street.

Linda Neemeyer, manager of Speedeemart was a co-signer of the Positive Pressure letter and has also decided to go glass-free. She said, “Cruise Nite is obviously a very big event for all of the Kearney community. It is a wonderful family activity to come out and see all the beautiful restored cars cruising up and down the street. We at SpeedeeMart want to do our part to help make this a safer event for those families. We will be removing beer packaged in glass bottles from our shelves during Cruise Nite. It is our hope that other retailers will do the same to help reduce the risk of injuries due to broken glass. I would also like to encourage those attending to please dispose of your litter in an appropriate manner. Let’s make this a safe and fun event for all.”

For more information on the work Positive Pressure is doing, visit their website.

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