Food Insecurity in Central Nebraska 

Lack of protein and dry goods has been identified as a significant food insecurity in Buffalo County and central Nebraska. Buffalo County Be Well Collaborative, a work group of Buffalo County Community Partners, is launching a Food Drive for Protein and Dry Goods to stock central Nebraska pantries.
Be Well is hosting virtual conversations and protein and dry goods are minimally offered in local panties as well as Community Action Partnership’s mobile food pantries. “Protein is found in many types of food.
Our body needs protein daily to make and repair cells. Protein also helps to carry fats, vitamins and minerals throughout the body.” shared Be Well member, Carol Schwarz, Education Agent with Buffalo County Extension and registered dietician.
Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska is accepting protein and dry goods at their food bank located at 114 E 11 th Street in Kearney, NE. Contact Kyla Martin at (308)440-0153 to schedule deliveries. Be Well recommends processed meats like beef, pork and chicken; dry beans; rice as well as salt, flour, corn meal, sugar, oils and more to support healthy baking and different ethnic diets. They prefer family packaged portions, however will accept bulk items. If you would prefer to donate cash to support food insecurity in central Nebraska, donate at – select COVID-19 and Food/Groceries/Meals to ensure your donation goes to purchase proteins and dry goods. Additionally, beef, pork and chicken producers are invited to assist in donating or discounting processing through a USDA certified processor to provide proteins for Central Nebraska. Contact Kyla to set up arrangements and your specific product.
Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska in partnership with the Food Bank for the Heartland (Omaha) provides food to mobile food pantries every two weeks in Central Nebraska. Donor can specify to a community of your choice. Upcoming mobile pantries; May 1, Ravenna; May 15, Pleasanton; June 12, Holdrege, and June 26, Kearney. Mobile pantries start at 9:30am by appointment only. Residents are to call Kyla to secure appointments. The Mobile Pantry serves residents of counties of Buffalo, Phelps, Dawson, Kearney, Custer and Hall.

“We have changed our processes and can serve 220 families who schedule appointments, rolling six cars through every ten minutes serving over 1000 families at every mobile pantry, it is becoming a well-oiled machine with deliveries, volunteers and families. We are receiving fruit, vegetables like potatoes and onions, but very limited proteins and dry goods.” stated coordinator Kyla Martin, Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska.

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