Thank you to all of our generous donors during Give Where You Live. Ninety-four donors gave $24,603.87 to support health in Buffalo County. We are better together because of YOU! Your gift will ensure your community has the tools to build collaborative solutions to community needs into 2022.

This year continued to be a challenge for our residents, businesses, and partners as resources were limited, jobs went unfilled, people missed work due to illnesses, people needed new coping skills, and our child care availability gap grew. As we all navigated this time of consistent change, our community resources needed to flex and community coordination expanded to ensure services met the changing needs of our residents.

We discovered 24% of those seeking services in the last two years, entered the doors of helping agencies for the first time. Of those served with community response funding, 89% found the support they needed and haven’t returned. In this collective work, community partners re-discovered the gaps in our community and will continue to build innovative solutions to our complex social problems into 2022.

Throughout 2021 we saw:

  • People are without food and together we ensure no one was hungry.
  • People are without a warm home and together we ensure no one was homeless
  • People need a caring friend and together we ensure a connection
  • People need resources and together we coordinate services.

Buffalo County Community Partners could not be more grateful for the continued support from our community. Thankyou to each and every person who donated this year.

Our community members are still struggling day to day. Even in a pandemic, your community banded together to ensure the health and wellness of ALL community members.

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