Buffalo County Community Partners celebrates a milestone summer campaign, raising $49,809.44 toward the Refresh Your Community Summer Campaign, exceeding the campaign goal of $40,000. “We are overwhelmed by the support from the community this summer,” said Grace Mims, campaign co-chair.

Campaign co-chairs Matt and Grace Mims celebrate the community donations by having a class of lemonade with some of Community Partners staff.


“We are excited to see how physical and mental wellness will grow this year and years to come because of this support.” Matt Mims, campaign co-chair, said, “We are putting a lot of resources into our schools and community. We are excited to see how far we can go reducing the mental health stigma so community members will continue to access the resources that are available to the community.”

The funds have contributed to building systems for mental wellness in the community. “The Mims are the perfect spokespersons for this year’s campaign and have helped us to provide hope and healing while planning ways to improve our community’s mental and physical health,” said Denise Zwiener, executive director at Community Partners.

This year Community Partners has launched behavioral health coaches in two elementary schools in Kearney, early childhood development initiatives, and a suicide prevention coalition to provide hope and healing to the community. 

The Be Well Collaborative has been building the capacity of physical wellness in the community. “Be Well has just finished with an action plan that is specifically working on accessibility and affordability of healthy food options and community norms surrounding school wellness and active transportation. Buffalo County is ready to make changes and we want to offer easy options for wellness,” said Becky Squiers, wellness coordinator at Community Partners.

“Thank you all for your monetary donations this summer, we have a lot to look forward to this fall as we continue working on mental and physical wellness in the community,” said Matt Mims.

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