The 2012-2013 YAB Board at their April meeting.

The 2012-2013 YAB Board at their April meeting.

The school year is slowly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is slowing down! At their April meeting, the board discussed recruitment, the Youth Academy for Democracy, and Show Me the Money, and they had time for a photo shoot to spruce up their website:!

On top of flyers, school announcements, and press releases, YAB sent a travelling recruitment team, equipped with a PowerPoint and plenty of enthusiasm, to Buffalo County schools to speak to potential members. The board will begin interviewing YAB applicants in person in June.

Also on the docket was the Nebraska Youth Academy for Democracy, a youth-led event aimed at encouraging young people to become involved in politics and government by reminding them that their voice counts. The ambitious day-long event hopes to connect young people with state senators, area representatives, and possibly even Governor Dave Heinemann.

The group also talked about their annual Show Me the Money Scholarship workshop, discussing potential keynote speakers, what colleges would be attending, and how to make the event even better than it was last year. Expect some exciting announcements about the Show Me the Money Scholarship workshop, scheduled to take place October 3.

For more information on YAB, visit, and be sure to check out their new Facebook page!

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