Through PhotoVoice, Buffalo County Community Partners helps area youth develop a means of creative self-expression and constructive communication through photography.

Participants learn about the expressive power of the photographs they take of family, school and community life. They exchange ideas inspired by their photographs with their peers, school board members, city council members and other artists.

PhotoVoice participant, Angel Kouma’s said, “I honestly believe that in PhotoVoice you not only learn that you’re not the only one feeling the way you do, but you are also unique to be you. And, you are amazing to be you because no one has lived like you. Through pictures and caring people you can describe a feeling, a story, or anything.”

Community Partners hosts two classes each semester. Classes range from 5-10 participants. The participants photos will be on display June – August at CHI Health Good Samaritan Hospital Gallery Walk. 

A reception to be held in June, details to follow.

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