The Positive Pressure coalition hosted a drug and alcohol prevention training for our community featuring Officer Jermaine Galloway, “Tall Cop.” He has worked in Idaho law enforcement since 1997 and is an award-winning presenter on alcohol/drug prevention. During his presentations, he talks about current drug and alcohol trends, “you can’t stop what you don’t know,” Galloway says. He came into the Kearney area a day before the training and performed a community scan, so he could talk about specific drug/alcohol trends that are affecting our local area.

“Galloway’s knowledge, expertise and especially his perception through an individualized area assessment provided local professionals with information and knowledge of trends and culture to aid them in their daily work to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and our community.  In these rural areas of the Midwest we may assume that we don’t have the level of drug problems that urban areas face, however Tall Cop’s training opens our eyes to the legal and seemingly harmless substances that are present and effecting our young people,” said Nadia Sa’adi, Community Partners Board member.

Galloway described how the trends change very quickly and it can make it difficult to spot different kinds of substance abuse.  Galloway says that knowing what drug trends are in your community is important to be able to combat them.

Sheriff Neil Miller said, “We are thankful to Tall Cop for bringing his expertise in dangerous drug use impacting youth in our country and sharing the information with our group. We appreciate his dedication to informing communities and educating leaders on the dangers involved with the ever increasing push to legalize certain drugs.”

“Despite the disruptions from the pandemic, we were so thankful to have Officer Galloway come and perform this community scan and training,” said Sa’adi.

Positive Pressure continues to keep substance abuse prevention a priority for our community.

Community Partners jumped into action during the 2020 pandemic to get our community resources. We are celebrating these impacts in our Give Where You Live series “Better Together.” We are connecting those in need with resources. Give today, to continue the impact.

Give Where You Live, hosted by the Kearney Area Community Foundation, is the Kearney area’s annual giving day held this year on December 3, 2020. For more information, see

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