Positive Pressure formed in June 1996, as a grassroots
community coalition to address alcohol, tobacco and other drug
use. Positive Pressure developed in response to the needs of
the community to become more informed about, and to address
the problems created by methamphetamine use during the mid 1990’s.

Dr. Clint Jones and Rick Kozin speak at the first Positive Pressure meeting.

Dr. Clint Jones and Rick Kozin speak at
the first Positive Pressure meeting.

During the early years, the coalition specifically worked with community members and policy makers to prevent a head shop from selling drug paraphernalia in 1999. Under collaborative efforts primarily between the former Family Resource Council, Buffalo County Community Partners and Region 3

Prevention staff, the coalition formed as a Partners goal work group.

This goal work group had begun gathering input on priority health needs from key leadership in the community where alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use was quickly recognized as a concern among youth. In 1996, Positive Pressure became a goal work group of Partners. The coalition also created and adopted Community Standards with regards to youth use of alcohol and tobacco in the Kearney Community in 2000.

Major Events in Positive Pressure History.

Major Events in Positive Pressure History.

In March 2008, FRC transferred the Positive Pressure Coalition
Coordinator to Buffalo County Community Partners as  a member of its staff. The vision of Positive Pressure Coalition is to: “Improve the health and quality of life in Buffalo County by
reducing substance abuse through collaboration, planning, and programming”. The mission of Positive Pressure Coalition is “To aid communities in the coordination, and integration of resources, and use of evidence-based practices to reduce youth substance abuse”.

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