“The Buffalo County Youth Leadership Summit was an awesome experience! The speakers were very engaging and inspirational. I learned a lot about how to put leadership into action versus just talking about it. Planning the summit with the Youth Advisory Board was a great learning experience, also. We really learned how to bounce ideas off of each other and then choose the ones that were best for what we were trying to accomplish.
Launch leadership also did a fantastic job with the activities. This gave students the opportunity to network with one another in a way that was fun and highly interactive. Additionally, the informative speakers were very interesting and experience oriented. Overall, the day was very worth while, and I would definitely attend again!”
—Sage Williams
Sumner Eddyville Miller YAB member

“The Youth Summit was focused on making sure students were empowered with information to take back to their own schools and influence their communities. We want to be able to create change.
We learned how to see characteristics in different kinds of leaders and how to deal with them. We also were shown how to take an idea and put it into action. It took a lot of time to plan, but it was definitely worth all the effort we put in. It’s great to see what students can accomplish when they put their minds together!”
–Jennifer Garcia
Shelton YAB member

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