The Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board is very excited to welcome 12 new members representing Amherst, Elm Creek, Kearney Catholic, Kearney High, Pleasanton, S.E.M. and Shelton schools. By participating in the youth advisory board, members have the opportunity to share perspectives on issues effecting youth across the county and to take action to change things for the better.

New members include freshman Evan Palmer and senior Maria Klingelhoefer from Amherst; Wyatt Hubbard, a senior from Elm Creek; sophomore Claire Homan and junior Michelle Messbarger from Kearney Catholic; freshmen Nathan Bonsall and Mia Kegley from Kearney High; freshman Emma Keaschall and 8th grader Samantha Phillips from Pleasanton; senior Austin Jeffrey from S.E.M. and 8th grader Allison Michalski and senior Kathleen Juhl from Shelton.

Members are eligible to participate beginning in the 8th grade through their senior year in high school. One of the group’s goals is youth empowerment, helping area youth who see problems in their schools and communities to become part of the solution. For the coming year, the group will be working to mobilize community leaders, resources and their fellow students around issues related to bullying, substance abuse and distracted driving prevention.

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