The Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board conducted interviews in April for next year’s new board members. To apply, students fill out an application and current YAB board members conducts the interviews.

From left to right: Kathleen Juhl, Shelton; Samantha Homan,Kearney; and Remington Wright,Shelton. Juhls ice breaker questions was “what do you want to be when you grow up.”

The interviews started with all the youth doing an ice breaker game. “I love the way YAB conducts their interviews. By having student led interviews, you definitely feel more comfortable, and at ease. By getting everyone involved, you really get a sense of community.” said Mason Casper, YAB member. “I know what it is like to be nervous and it helps when we all can laugh and get to know each other a little bit.”
After the ice breaker the current YAB members went to an interview room and interviewed the new youth one by one.

From left to right: Jose Montanez, Shelton; Brooke Anderson, Kearney; and Matt Smiley, Kearney all introduced themselves with the “ice breaker” ball. These three students were all applying for a position on the YAB board.

Josh Arias, Youth Coordinator, helped facilitate the event. “It is great when the kids take initiative and hold interviews by themselves. I love watching the kids grow throughout the time I get to work with them. The older YAB members really help the younger ones to feel more comfortable in leadership roles. We have a great mix of kids right now, from freshman to seniors.”
“I truly believe YAB provides youth with an opportunity to learn leadership skills that will carry them into college and the rest of their lives,” said Arias.
The new YAB board members will be announced next month. Until then, our YAB board is preparing to release a survey to their peers that asks questions regarding substance abuse, stress, and school spirit. The youth wanted to find out what their peers would like help with in these areas. The youth have created the survey and plan on using their school counselors and administration to promote the online survey to their peers.

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