The Buffalo County 2030 Vision is a beginning to take shape.  A community vision looks to our collective future and shares a common mission where all residents thrive. Our communities’ past successes tell the story and build a strong foundation for more work, better work, leading to our best work.

We have spent the last year hosting conversations:

What are we learning?

  • People need food.
  • People need housing.
  • People need caregiving.
  • People need health care.
  • People need mental health care.
  • Helpers need training on mental health care.
  • People are looking for resources.
  • Resources are not easily found or understood.
  • Barriers exist in accessing resources.
  • In times of crisis, more support is needed.
  • Resources need to be promoted.
  • Voices of lived experience need to inform our work.
  • People are valued.
  • Collective Impact is the model for this work leading us to 2030.

How will we create impact?

Too many times, communities focus on isolated impact to solve complex issues.  Moving from isolated impact to Collective Impact involves helping partners to;

  • Point to a shared agenda,
  • Know how to connect,
  • See many sectors involved,
  • Know the benefits when issues are solved together,
  • Give voice to those being served,
  • See work through others perspective,
  • Give space for others to join conversations,
  • Celebrate success together and for each other.


How did we get here?

Community Partners has a rich history of facilitating conversations in the community to bring partners together to elevate health issues, engage residents, empower voices and evaluate our impact. A few of our greatest community investments, include the following. Click to find out more. 

Launching the HelpCare Clinic

Development of Kearney Works

Developing a Community Response system that addressed food, housing and other basic community needs

Supporting persons isolated during pandemic

Mental Health support during the pandemic

One million food boxes to people in need during the pandemic

Support the Buffalo County 2030 Vision

Come join our conversations on Behavioral Health, Physical Health, Thriving Youth and Families, or Health Disparities.

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Give now to support creating a community where:

  • resources are available and understood.
  • all have access to basic services.
  • youth thrive.
  • that values diversity and inclusion.

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